Supernatural horror spec The Last Breath sold by graphic novelist Paul J. Salamoff

Have you ever read a Paul J. Salamoff graphic novel? Well, dude's peddling his wares to the big-screen...

Variety is reporting that Salamoff (seen right) has sold his supernatural horror spec script THE LAST BREATH to producers Eric Gitter and Peter Schwerin at Chickie the Cop Entertainment. No directors or stars have yet been attached.

Pic revolves around the lone survivor of a suicide pact who's haunted by a vengeful otherworldly entity which demands her death.

Seems solid enough, but like most movies, it all depends on cast and direction. It does help that Salamoff has enough of a genre background in the graphic novel world to gives us something of note. In fact, Salamoff will release an alien-based continuation of a graphic novel called "Tales of Discord" just next week. Dude's staying busy!

But what of THE LAST BREATH? Sound intriguing, or do you get the feeling it might skew really young? Salamoff converts speak up, your opinions are needed below!

Extra Tidbit: The last good horror comic you read was?
Source: Variety



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