Survival Knife will show the struggles of a final girl on January 26

The idea of digging deeper into the lives of slasher movie "final girls" and examining what might happen to them after the credits roll on a slasher movie seems to be on the minds of several filmmakers out there these days. One such project that I'm really looking forward to seeing is LAST GIRL STANDING, and now there's another one I'm adding to my "want to see" list - SURVIVAL KNIFE, from director Mike McKown and the Pittsburgh-based production company Robot Monkey Studios.

SURVIVAL KNIFE picks up where the typical Hollywood slasher film ends. Penny is the sole survivor of a vicious attack that killed five of her closest friends. To escape, she was forced to brutally kill her would-be murderer. As she begins the slow process of recovering both physically and mentally, she struggles to deal with the violence that happened to her – and the violence she committed herself – and worries that the same killer instinct that helped her survive is slowly turning her into something else.

The film stars Danielle Donahue, who could recently be seen in QUEEN CRAB. The same company that released that film back in September, Wild Eye Releasing, will also be distributing SURVIVAL KNIFE, and have set it for a January 26, 2016 release.

If SURVIVAL KNIFE sounds like something you would like to see, the DVD can be pre-ordered on Amazon.

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