Survive The Purge at Universal's Halloween Horror Nights

The Terror Tram is often one of the highlights of the Halloween Horror Nights experience at Universal Studios Hollywood, and this year the undead walkers have been given the boot in favor of the amoral hijinks of the ever-popular THE PURGE franchise, which will also be receiving a maze at Universal Studios Orlando.

While the Hollywood folks are enjoying a lively tram tour through Purge-infested areas, other guests around the park can participate in "Purge Parties." These are based on the gatherings held by the rich in the films, where they can watch the poor bash each other to pieces on wide screen TV's situated around the park in comfort and peace. Of course, this being Halloween Horror Nights, things are bound to go wrong on occasion. 

Says John Munday, Executive Producer of Halloween Horror Nights:

This year’s Terror Tram preys upon the vulnerability of our guests as they wander the darkness of our world-famous backlot surrounded by iconic horror sets and consider the theoretic possibility of a real Purge experience. We consistently strive to raise the bar in delivering ideal scares, and the backlot at night infested with reprehensible characters is one way of truly scaring the living daylights out of our guests.

Over in Orlando, folks can relive the home invasion shenanigans of the original PURGE flick, evading a murderous band of killers within the confines of an all-new house experience.

Check out the promotional video below!

Extra Tidbit: Would you rather experience a PURGE tram or maze?



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