Synopsis & promo art for low-budget monster movie The Last Sacrifice

From a great purveyor of low budget schlock, TomCat Films, comes a new indie monster movie called THE LAST SACRIFICE. We're just making our intro with the film, luckily met with a synopsis and promo-poster. If interested, get low for more...

Written and directed by David Storey:

Somebody killed the party… that’s what Silas and Babs remember from last night’s party. The story of the monster that kills children and feeds on Sacrificial Freshmen.

But now they’re awake the morning after only to find that the party they attended supposedly occurred five years ago and every student that attended the party has not been seen since.

Trapped by a bereaved father named Shishio, and Ex-Biology teacher named Gideon and a homeless priest named Dedalus; Silas and Babs must figure out what happened at the party, or suffer the same fate as their classmates.

Keep close for more news on THE LAST SACRIFICE.

Extra Tidbit: Think Liz Fye (above) lives or dies in the film?
Source: TomCat Films



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