Take a ghost tour of the William Heath Davis House this year at Comic-Con

If you're headed to Comic-Con this year and you're into the paranormal, you might want to check out this creepy ghost tour of the William Heath Davis House. It has been announced that Dread Central has teamed up with Gaslamp Museum and the San Diego Ghost Hunters to offer ghost tours throughout the duration of the San Diego Comic-Con. They will be offering a limited number of ghost tours, as well as an exclusive tour on Saturday night. Read on for all the details!

From Dread Central:

The William Heath Davis House is located just two blocks away from the Convention Center at 410 Island Ave., and it’s guaranteed to provide you guys with something truly real and frightening to do and talk about. Tours start on Thursday and will be held twice a day, once at 9:00 PM and then again at 12:00 Midnight. Admission is $60.00 per person WITH ALL PROCEEDS going to the upkeep of this truly historic building. Attendees are encouraged to bring cameras and recorders and take pictures. As many as possible. These flashlight tours can get extremely spooky as you’re not just gonna be sitting there listening to a history lesson of each room. YOU will be conducting the investigation. YOU will be a part of this search through one of the most haunted and active areas in the world.

Then on Saturday night, July 20th, there will be an exclusive ALL ACCESS tour from Midnight until… well… whenever we finish. Please note that this special event will be very limited. Food will be served beforehand, and nerves will be shattered afterwards. This is NOT a walk-through with actors looking to pop out at you. This is THE REAL DEAL. The Exclusive Saturday Night Tour will cost just $100.00 a head, but that’s nothing considering the experience you are likely to have. Especially when it comes to the attic portion of the house, which will ONLY be open on the Saturday tour. The house becomes VERY active after 1:00 AM, and staff will be on hand to escort you out should the experience prove to be too much for you.

Tickets for the event will be extremely limited so if you're feeling brave enough to check out this wicked tour, you'll want to reserve a spot as soon as possible. Head over to the Gaslamp Museum and the San Diego Ghost Hunters websites for more info!

Extra Tidbit: Those of you going to Comic-Con this year, will you be checking out this tour?
Source: Dread Central



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