Take a tour through the Bates Motel

A&E is really starting to rev things up as they've added this kick-ass interactive site that allows you to take a peak inside the rooms of the BATES MOTEL. You'll get a feel of what it's like to be the creeptastic Norman Bates. How could you pass that up?!

The premiere of BATES MOTEL is just around the corner with its Monday, March 18 debut at 10 PM ET. Starring Freddie Highmore and Vera Farmiga as Norman and Norma Bates, BATES MOTEL concerns the early days of Norman's life.

Following the tragic death of her husband, Norma Bates buys a motel on the outskirts of the idyllic coastal town of White Pine Bay, seeking a fresh start. As Norma and Norman get ensconced in their new home, they discover this town isn’t quite what it seems, and the locals aren’t so quick to let them in on their secrets. But the Bates’ are done being pushed around and will do whatever it takes to survive – and will do whatever it takes to protect their own secrets.

So what are you waiting for? Head over the the site by clicking HERE and have a look around!

Vera Farmiga

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