Take a video trip through Knott's Scary Farm's Evil Dead log ride

Alright you primitive screwheads, listen up...

Do you love EVIL DEAD? Do you love amusement parks? Do you love log rides? Then Knott’s Scary Farm’s EVIL DEAD log ride is tailor-made for you… unless you don’t happen to be near the park’s Buena Park, California location. Yet not all is lost, fellow Deadites. One groovy fan decided to document the ride on video for those of us who can’t make it.

Even better-- they did two videos, one in standard video, the other in infrared. Based on what’s recorded, the ride is nothing super scary or jaw dropping, but I think a lot of the sense of atmosphere is lost through the rough perspective of a flip camera. Nevertheless, the details on display here are of geat interest to fans, who will also dig a cameo by the ride's faux-Ash.

Check the videos out below for a clear picture of what THE EVIL DEAD log ride is like and talk back with your thoughts below.

Extra Tidbit: I like the use of "We're gonna get you... we're gonna get you..."
Source: YouTube



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