Tax breaks tempt the Scream Queens to California for season 2

The Ryan Murphy-Brad Falchuck series Scream Queens is preparing to reign for a second season on Fox, pulling a HALLOWEEN II and taking place in a hospital. Although the current description of the hospital (as a place "where some of the most fascinating and bizarre medical cases are under observation") doesn't seem too slashery, we can only hope that it will be different than American Horror Story: Asylum. 

Whereas the first season of the anthology horror comedy was shot in New Orleans, season 2 will be moving to California for production, which begins this July. This is the result of a series of tax breaks implemented by the California Film Commission after productions started ditching Hollywood left and right. American Horror Story is also caught up in this pilgrimage, though the last season took place in Los Angeles so it won't visibly change quite so much.

So far all we know is the hospital location and the fact that Niecy Nash will be returning as her breakout character, the high strung security officer Denise Hemphill. But maybe we'll get to see more palm trees in the process, eh? More on the new season as it develops!

Extra Tidbit: Will you be watching Scream Queens season 2?
Source: Variety



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