Taylor Schilling is a concerned mother in Nicholas McCarthy's Descendant

Taylor Schilling

Most of the time when a TV show comes up in a news report, I have to admit that I have either never seen a single episode, or haven't seen very many episodes. So here's something a bit out of the ordinary - I have actually watched most of the Netflix series Orange is the New Black. Friends and I decided to check it out recently, instantly became hooked, and started binging the hell out of it. So I am familiar with the show actress Taylor Schilling is best known for, and while her character Piper, who we follow into the prison system, isn't my favorite on the show, I do enjoy watching Schilling in the role. And I think it's cool that she's now going to be starring in a genre project.

Schilling has signed on to star in MGM / Orion Pictures' DESCENDANT, which centers on 

a young mother who, concerned about her 8-year-old son’s disturbing behavior, thinks something supernatural may be affecting him. 

The film is set to be directed by THE PACT's Nicholas McCarthy, working from a screenplay by Jeff Buhler. Buhler wrote THE MIDNIGHT MEAT TRAIN and has recently written the scripts for remakes of JACOB'S LADDER and PET SEMATARY.

Buhler is also executive producing DESCENDANT with Daniel Bekerman, Lisa Zambri, and Nick Spicer. Produced by Tripp Vinson, the project is expected to start filming in Toronto next month.

John Hegeman, the head of Orion, describes DESCENDANT as "a unique and terrifying addition to the horror genre".

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