TCM wrap up

Fangoria's put up a nice overview of most of the available info for the TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE prequel recently, and since we told you on Friday about Andrew Bryniarski looking to step into another mask, this seemed like a good opportunity to focus on the one he already wears.

Bryniarski, whose status as the new Leatherface was kept a secret from the press prior to the remake’s release in 2003, is only too happy to get his two cents in this time around. "This will be the definitive CHAINSAW movie," he says. "It answers all the whys. People are going to be really satisfied by this movie, really blown away. In my estimation, Leatherface is like a beaten dog—he was ostracized and ridiculed, and treated harshly by his peers. The psychological damage they inflicted was immense…there’s no chance for him. One day, he gets his release, and his revenge. And when you see the chronicle of events that are the impetus for what happens, he becomes strangely sympathetic."

The rest of the wrap up is available for your perusal here, as is Jordana Brewster's outstanding backside below.

Source: Fangoria



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