TDKR composer Hans Zimmer creates 8 minute song for Aurora, Colorado victims

The good will of TDKR's cast and crew continues...

After Christian Bale made a classy trip to visit the victims of Aurora, Colorado earlier this week, composer Hans Zimmer (seen right) is doing his part to pay tribute. The Oscar winning maestro composed an 8.5 minute song in London called "Aurora," which is selling on his Facebook page from anywhere between $.10-$2,500. All proceeds are being donated to a fund for victims of the shooting that killed 12 people.

Not much to add, other than our seal of approval. Again, Bale and Zimmer didn't have to go to such lengths to express their condolences, but we're sure glad they did. Too often Hollywood is seen as elite, superficial, downright greedy. Here are two examples to the contrary. Good work guys, and let us reiterate, our hearts go out to all the families involved in such an unspeakable tragedy.

To hear Zimmer's "Aurora", click HERE.

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Source: Vancouver Sun



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