Teaser for Dead Shack, described as Goonies meets Night of the Living Dead

dead shack trailer

DEAD SHACK caught our attention a handful of days ago with its neon-tinted poster and its forthcoming festival run that includes appearances at Fantasia and Popcorn Frights. Today, we have the official trailer to share for the film, which is being described as "The Goonies meets Night of the Living Dead." Based on the preview below, that might not be totally inaccurate.

The synopsis for DEAD SHACK:

On a weekend getaway at a rundown cabin in the woods, Jason, a cautious teen, his crude best friend Colin and his fearless older sister Summer are forced to work together, grow up and save their hard-partying parents from their predatory neighbour intent on feeding them all to her undead family.

Directed by Peter Ricq and starring Lauren Holly, Gabriel LaBelle, Lizzie Boys, Donavon Stinson, Mathew Nelson-Mahood, Valerie Tian, DEAD SHACK will screen at the Fantasia Film Festival which goes down in Montreal July 13-August 2. and then hold its US Premiere at the Popcorn Frights Film Festival in Miami, Fl. August 11-17th.

Extra Tidbit: Does DEAD SHACK look appealing to you?



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