Teaser for Italian found footage horror Dead Eyes offers familiar premise

Another week, another found footage horror film. This latest in the overdone sub-genre is titled DEAD EYES and comes from Italian filmmakers Marco Buggio and Marco Magni. Promoted as 'Extreme Italian Horror', DEAD EYES is set to be released later this year from EuroObscura and today we have a look at the teaser for the flick that features an all-too familiar premise. Will the film be worth your time? Check out the teaser below and get a feel for what DEAD EYES has in store.

During a visit to an abandoned town on the mountains in Italy, five friends bring back to light an ancient relic found nearby an old monastery. From that moment, the villagers of the ghost town come back to life to hunt them down. A blind priest will try to save their lives, but what are his real intentions? Who is watching them everywhere they go?"

DEAD EYES stars Sveva Raimondi, Diego Riccobene, Paolo Riva and Orsetta Borghero. The movie, entirely shot in authentic haunted locations in Italy, aims to be the Italian answer to [REC] and V/H/S. Templars, ancient ones, a ghost town, an abandoned monastery and a sadistic blind priest will make this movie a roller coaster into the darkest nightmares. DEAD EYES, currently in postproduction, will be ready for May 2013.

Extra Tidbit: Do you think the Italian filmmakers behind DEAD EYES have a better shot at making an effective found footage flick than their North American counterparts, or does it just look like more of the same?



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