Teaser trailer for Gareth Evans' The Raid 2 is here!

Just yesterday we learned that the highly-anticipated sequel to Gareth Evans’ bone-crushing Indonesian action flick THE RAID is headed for a theatrical release, and now the first teaser trailer for THE RAID 2 is here to kick your head in!

We've been stoked about THE RAID 2 since we first heard about it many months ago, bringing you every bit of news we could find on this badboy including stills, banners, behind the scenes shots and more to keep you as excited for the film as we are, and today we are getting our first look at some of the action to expect with this first teaser trailer.

THE RAID 2 was once again written and directed by Evans and picks up right where the first film left off. It goes like this…

Picking up right where the first film ends, ‘The Raid 2′ follows Rama (Uwais) as he goes undercover and infiltrates the ranks of a ruthless Jakarta crime syndicate in order to protect his family and uncover the corruption in his own police force.

The film reunites writer/director Gareth Huw Evans with actor Iko Uwais, who will be reprising his starring role. Tio Pakusadewo, Putra Arifin Scheunamann, Julie Estelle, Alex Abbad, Roy Marten, Matsuda Ryuhei, Endo Kenichi, Kitamura Kazukiall all star. 

But enough of the jibber-jabber...let's get to this! Peep the teaser for THE RAID 2 below.

Extra Tidbit: How stoked are you for THE RAID 2?



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