"Teen Wolf's" Gage Golightly signs on to star in Marcus Nispel's Backmask

Do you guys even remember BACKMASK? It's alright if you don't - I didn't either. It was last June we were hearing about this thing and now here we are with it's first casting announcement.

That's right folks - the first casting announcement! Last we heard this thing was supposed to start filming July 2011. No word on what set BACKMASK back a whole year but thanks to Variety we do know that actor Gage Golightly has signed on to star in the film. Golightly will soon be seen on the TV series "Teen Wolf." Ringing any bells? Nah, didn't think so.

During a sex, drugs, and rock-fueled party, six small-town teenagers find an old vinyl record and decide to play it backwards in order to listen for any subliminal/satanic messages. Lo and behold, a seemingly malevolent spirit quickly infiltrates the group, wreaking havoc as it moves from one body to another. Eventually, however, it’s revealed that the spirit in question is actually trying to convey a message… and that the real source of horror isn’t particularly paranormal, but rather something (or someone) much closer to home.

Marcus Nisepl, who directed the surprisingly decent TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE and FRIDAY THE 13TH remakes, will be helming this one with a script from Kirsten Helms. Terry Douglas, Paris Kasidokostas Latsis and Steven Schneider will be producing via 1821 Pictures and Voltage Pictures.

Shooting on BACKMASK is set to kickoff early next month in Rhode Island so I'm sure more news on this one will be spilling our way soon.

FRIDAY THE 13TH stars Willa Ford & Julianna Guill
Extra Tidbit: Last we heard Marcus Nispel was also in line to direct the long-awaited HACK/SLASH adaptation.
Source: Variety



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