Terror Birds to flap its wings in March

Fans of the short-lived Starz sitcom Party Down might remember that the character Roman (played by Martin Starr) was pitching a sci-fi/horror script titled TERROR BIRD that earned him some derision from his coworkers. Well, somebody must have really loved that episode, because on March 8th, a Texas-shot fright flick will hit VOD. The name? TERROR BIRDS.

From director Sean Cain (SILENT NIGHT, ZOMBIE NIGHT) and writer Jake Helgren (VARSITY BLOOD), TERROR BIRDS is about:

College student Maddy Stern (Jessica Lee Keller) knows something is wrong when her father (Craig Nigh) goes missing during a weekend bird-watching trip in the woods of East Texas. As she enlists the help of her good-looking college pals to trek into the wilderness to find him, rampaging, six-foot-tall prehistoric “terror birds” with man-eating tendencies are the last thing anyone expects to find … much less a wealthy mad archaeologist (Greg Evigan) – but that’s exactly what they find, and they’ll need to run for their lives if they are to escape the wrath of the Terror Birds!

TERROR BIRDS also stars Lindsey Sporrer, Greg Evigan (DEEPSTAR SIX), and Leslie Easterbrook (THE DEVIL'S REJECTS). You can follow this crazy collection's exploits on the film's official Facebook page.

Extra Tidbit: What's your favorite nature-run-amok flick?



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