Texas Chainsaw 3D gets yet another still and releases an app tie-in

Time to start out another day with an obligatory TEXAS CHAINSAW 3D story. We've got a new still from the slasher flick and news of a movie making app tie-in for your reading pleasure.

The new still is a pretty simple affair. A snapshot of Alexandra Daddario standing in a bloody kitchen more or less speaks for itself, doesn't it? The pic is accompanied by the caption "Horror awaits around the corner...". For this sequel's sake lets hope that isn't an overstatement.

Next, Lions Gate has launched a Horror Movie Maker app for iPhone and iPad that features TEXAS CHAINSAW 3D and THE POSSESSION themed effects. iOS 6 is required to launch the program, though iPhone 4, 4S, or 5 are encouraged for best performance.

To try the movie maker out for yourself check it out here. While you're at it, scope out some details from the app's press release below.

Horror Movie Maker lets YOU direct your own horror movies starring your friends!

- Give the term "Director's Cut" a whole new meaning with exclusive TEXAS CHAINSAW 3D effects featuring the vicious LEATHERFACE.


- Fully optimized for iPhone 5 16:9 widescreen & Retina displays

- 4 Free, incredibly realistic Horror Movie effects in full HD:

★ LEATHERFACE SLASH: Put your friends on the chopping block as Leatherface moves in for a gruesome kill.

★ LEATHERFACE WITH A CHAINSAW: Direct a classic Texas Chainsaw Massacre scene featuring Leatherface and his signature kill.

★ BECOME LEATHERFACE: Make your audience experience what it feels like inside the bloodthirsty mind of Leatherface.

★ DEMONIC POSSESSION: The iconic horror movie scene of a young girl experiencing demonic possession

Extra Tidbit: As always, TEXAS CHAINSAW 3D hits theaters January 4th.
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