Celebrate Halloween with Thankskilling: The Musical in Columbus, Ohio

Thankskilling The Musical

Thankskilling: The Musical is apparently a thing. It's been around in a handful of incarnations since 2013, but it's about to make its biggest splash yet with a Halloween run at The Garden Theater Green Room in Columbus, Ohio.

The show, which will run from October 21st to October 30th, is based on the cult holiday horror hit THANKSKILLING and features music by Jeff Thomson and lyrics by Jordan Mann (the duo behind the shows Trails and Jawbreaker). The play stars Ryan Francis, who starred as Darren in the original film, as well as The show stars Katie Reed, Mina Foreman, Caleb Baker, Jesse Treiger, JT “Chops” Walker, and Cody Schmid as Turkie. It was directed by Patrick McGregor with musical direction by Jonathan Stewart. 

It's finally happening...Turkie is coming home. Based on the cult film, Thankskilling, the story follows a group of college kids heading home on break who encounter an evil, deadly, killer turkey. And now, this cult horror comedy comes to life on stage in a hilariously evil new musical.

Seeing how, in the film, the killer turkey was portrayed by a totally obvious puppet, I see no reason why it shouldn't translate to the stage beautifully. You can purchase tickets RIGHT HERE. Check out a brief sample of the soundtrack below!

Extra Tidbit: Will you be purchasing a ticket for this musical experience?



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