The 4400 reboot heading our way on CW

Let it be known that I never watched so much as a single episode of 2004 USA Network drama THE 4400. In fact, I have little to no idea if the series is even "horror" or not. But all the same, with a killer premise involving peeps brought back to Earth years after their alien abduction, I can say that - regardless of anything else - that is a plotline to die for.

And so I guess I'm slightly excited about the idea of rebooting the series, which is evidently what's on the horizon as Deadline reports that the cult sci-fi series is eying a comeback via - get this - The CW. The network is developing a reimagining from Craig Sweeny (the original series) and Taylor Elmore (JUSTIFIED). Elmore and Sweeny will be co-writing and executive producing, with Elmore serving as showrunner.

Because I didn't really do the series' plot rundown much justice above, here's the full story:

Over the course of recent history, four thousand four hundred young adults in their reproductive prime have gone missing all over the world—some disappearances happened as recently as a few weeks ago, while others date as far back as the infamous day the Soviets launched the Sputnik satellite in 1957. One day in 2019, all 4,400 show up at the sites of their original abductions. None of them have aged a day; none have any memory of where they’ve been. The so-called “4400” must grapple with their return to a changed and hostile world… and also contend with the reality that they’ve come back altered in ways that none of them yet understand.

The original THE 4400 run was created by Scott Peters and René Echevarria. It starred Joel Gretsch, Jacqueline McKenzie, Mahershala Ali, and Patrick Flueger. It ran for four seasons. Buy the complete original series on DVD over on Amazon RIGHT HERE.

Source: Deadline



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