The Angry Sea is an impressive low-budget monster movie

In the movie world, something is considered low budget it's made for less than $20M. In the real world, anything over $100K is a buttload of money. But when a film is being made for $3,000, it's not only considered low budget by Hollywood standards (extremely low budget), it's considered low by real world standards, too.

Case in point is the upcoming sea monster movie THE ANGRY SEA from writer / director / producer Keith Wong, starring Patrick Dene, Camilla D’Avignon, Paul Camden, Roger Manning, Jerry Lloyd, and Crystal Love. Wong is filming most (if not all) of the film entirely in his living room using nothing but green screen for the actors to work with. Then, using CGI and miniature effects, he puts it all together in post-production.

But you wouldn't be able to tell by looking at the trailer below or any of these stills. This baby looks like something made with a bigger budget... and on location! I guess if it worked for Zack Snyder and 300, it could work for this guy!

THE ANGRY SEA goes a little something like this: The story takes place in the late 1700s / early 1800s during a time when the sea was still a mystery and nautical tall tales of demonic creatures of the deep weren’t so unbelievable.

Probably best to check out the impressive trailer below and see for yourself. I'm still tripping balls at the fact that this puppy has a budget of $3K (using miniatures, green screen, and not paying your actors helps)--hopefully someone will see this and spot the talent that is behind the camera for something... bigger?

For more information and behind the scene stills from THE ANGRY SEA, click HERE, and stick around for more updates from the film as we hear it!

Extra Tidbit: If this is what Wong can do with $3K, imagine what he could do with $3M. Or $30M!



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