The Arrow recommends a horror movie marathon for Halloween!

Halloween is days away and if you're like me, that usually means a costume party and a movie marathon with booze and broads in tow. So allow me to recommend 4 horror films which in my opinion would make for an ideal Halloween pre or post Halloween party night (or the marathon can be the f-ing party, all good). All four of these films may make some of you wince, as I went out of my way to chose horror films that were killed by the critics and most of the genre fans out there upon their release, but that for some reason, I freaking dig and still do to this day. And better yet, all of them are ideal Halloween viewing in my useless opinion. So here they are, in the order I would watch them! Crack open them beers or let that hard liquor flow! Lets roll!

Let's start with a plate of gore, a groovy monster and tits and ass to loosen you up!



PLOT: A group of kids sneak into a museum after hours to, you guessed it, party. Unbeknownst to them one of the antiques in the house is a magic lamp, and once the Djinn is unleashed, he be pissed off. Carnage ensues!

WHY: Many will call Tom Dayley’s THE OUTING (also known as THE LAMP) a bad horror film (it was hated by all upon its initial release), but I call it a so bad its good horror treat, ideal for a Halloween party night.  I enjoyed laughing at it as much as I enjoyed having fun with the goodies it stabbed my way. The story basically used the slasher mold but tossed in an angry Djinn in there instead of a killer and the thing was filled with: out of line scenarios, like nasty kills and a rape scene that had me cringe (them two bullies made the Djinn look like a softy), some good gore,  token female nudity (two pairs, four tits) some impressive production value, a badass stop motion Djinn that went buck nuts with its neon green lasers and a sly ending. It’s hard to go wrong with a flick like this in my world. Granted once past the grisly opening, it takes a good 40 minutes for the shit to hit the fan, but the wait was worth it, that last act was a blast! Now the movie is hard to find (I have it on VHS), it’s not out on DVD yet, but am pretty sure that if your surf the net at the right places, you’ll find it. 80’s cheese at its finest!

Cheap buzz is on! tackle the most trippy ass flick of the lot....



PLOT: A bunch of BLAIR WITCH PROJECTS fans go to the film's shooting location to find out if the Witch Legend is real. Shit gets serioulsy f*cked up!

WHY: The sequel to the hugely sucessful THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT got reamed when it came out...DRY! I personally loved that it took a polar opposite direction than the original and did its own warped thing. Fans of the movie who aknowledgde that the original was just that, a film, go out there to see what's up. They go to hell. Genius! It kills me that the PARAGARBAGE ACTIVITY series gets its dick sucked but this one got the shaft! In my world it's a superior and much more ambitious movie than the latter franchise. BLAIR WITCH 2 is a perfect Halloween tap! Creepy woods, unsettling imagery, lots of gore and a LSD like feel. It's not too scary and the acting was on and off, but it's different, mucho creepy and very ambiguous. There are many ways you can interpret what’s going on as the film follows its own rules and I respected that about it.  A different, ballsy, gory, smuttie and wild ride that deserved a much better fate. To this day it's still a fav of mine.

Booze is kicking in hard, getting woozie time to get silly with...

DR. GIGGLES (1992)


PLOT: A crazy Doctor takes his cue from Michael Myers, escapes a loonie bin and goes back to his hometown to cause gory mayhem.

WHY: Before SCREAM revived the slasher genre, Dr. GIGGLES gave it a shot and failed, and me no comprende amigos. I know there was nothing original here being that all of the slasher flick spices were present: Murderer escapes mental hospital (Halloween), comes back to his hometown to draw some red (Halloween again), has his own nursery rhyme (Elm Street this time), spits one liners that would put "Seinfeld" to shame (Elm Street again) and giggles when he’s nervous, excited or horny (that’s a first). The kinife fodder characters were peeps we've encountered a zillions of times in other kill flicks: the rebel, the virgin, the sluts, the police officer with a link to the killer….but for Craven’s sakes that didn't mean the movie wasn't good gory fun! It was fast paced, well shot and the murders, all "medical" related were gory and mean. And it's set on Halloween at that! What else do you want from a slasher?! DR. GIGGLES is a cool ride and sure to liven up your Halloween party!

You're wasted or getting head, so lets top it off with the full on cheesy....



PLOT: A dead rocker comes back to life and raises some hell! ROCK!

WHY: You only need two brain cells to enjoy this bad boy so it's a perfect end of the night fodder! Long time ARROW IN THE HEAD readers must be sick of seeing this flick pop up every Halloween on my suggestion lists, but hey what can I say, I dig it THAT much! It's a nostalgic fav of mine and I try to watch it every Halloween.  Dino DeLaurentis (who produced the film) openly claimed that he wanted to start his own “Freddy Krueger”-like franchise with TRICK OR TREAT. In my opinion, he came close. The flick needed more edge in its horror. But that's just me. At the end of the kill, TRICK OR TREAT was like NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET 4 but with a dead rocker doing the kill/one-liner Doo! It's fun, campy, rock and roll heavy (via some great tunes by Fastway) and there's just a charm about it that always gets me. With its big hair and silly kills, this one has 80's written all over it. Give Sammy Curr a shot...his dancing moves alone are worth the price! Am motherf*cking done!

Halloween is almost here!

Extra Tidbit: You got any horror movie marathons to suggest? Spit them below!



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