The Bleeding Joystick (August 9, 2012)

The Bleeding Joystick is a bi-weekly column that rounds up the more stand-out GENRE VIDEO GAME news that is out there!

Ghostbusters go Portable!

In exciting app news, I was pretty friggin' excited to stumble upon this little gem today when browsing through the app store:

Yeah that's right, Ghostbusters: Paranormal Blast is here! Since I'm a fool for anything Ghostbusters related, it shouldn't surprise you that this excites me. Now, obviously you shouldn't be expecting a followup to the fantastic Activision title from a few years ago, but still, the concept is cool. The game takes your phone's camera and populates ghosts in the image for an "augmented reality" feel.

But goddamn, there should be nothing more I need to say. Ghostbusters. iOS app. 99 Cents. Get it! 

DayZ Stands Alone

I don't know if you've ever played Arma II (it's a badass PC military sim), but you should be excited to know that there's currently a mod out for it called DayZ. What's DayZ you ask? Well, it's an apocalyptic zombie shooter that finds you taking down armies of the undead.

Dean "Rocket" Hall, creator of the original mod promises alpha versions for a fraction of regular cost as the game comes about. This whole thing is being followed closely by Gamespot as it develops, and you can check out their video diary of the game's creation along the way.


InSane No Longer

You may not even have known about it, but Guillermo Del Toro was working on a video game. It was called InSane, and you can check out the brief teaser below:

Unfortunately, THQ just announced that they've given Del Toro the rights to the game once again and they're cancelling it. Too bad, as it was being worked on by Volition, the team that brought us Saints Row and Red Faction. They also recently announced they wouldn't be moving forward on another game that looked awesome in Devil's third.

Here's hoping Del Toro can find someone to go InSane with him in the near future.


Hey, do you love Gears of War? Cause you should. If you don't, may you be eaten by a swarm of locusts. Ok anyway- executive producer at Epic Rod Fergusson recently announced that their studio is paying close attention to the industry's trends.

What does this all mean? He was recently asked about the possibility of creating an FPS game around Gears of War, which until now has been a third person shooter. He stated that he's a "big believer in never say never", although it isn't necessarily top priority right now.

I'd be pretty pumped to have an awesome Gears of War FPS. Let's keep watching to see where the industry ends up taking the popular franchise.

RE6 Achievements Leaked

Finally, because I can't go a column without posting about Resident Evil 6, I wanted to mention that X360A.org has published a list of all the achievements for the upcoming survival horror game. I'm not going to give anything away for fear of spoilers, but if you point-hungry brain munchers want to get a deeper look at what can be unlocked within it, feel free to click here.

In the meantime, here's another trailer.

See you next week, boils and ghouls!


Source: IGNGameSpot



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