The Bleeding Joystick (Sept 20, 2012)

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Black Ops, Dead Zombies

IIn some lovely news, it would appear that those wacky folks over at Amazon may have accidentally revealed the fact that the upcoming COD game, Black Ops 2 will feature a zombies mode. I realize that isn't the most shocking news, but here's the fun thing.

Amazon's key features revealed that the game doesn't have those undead bastards in multiplayer, but that zombies have been included "as a campaign option".

The awesome website Kotaku grabbed a screenshot of it, as the information has been removed. We all know that the zombie option has always been quite popular in these games, usually as DLC, a mobile stand-alone, or a multiplayer mode. The game hits shelves on November 13th, so let's wait and see! Here's to hoping there's some badass zombie action in campaign mode.

Half-Life Feeling Full Again

In free game (that's right..FREE!) news, you can jump on the fan-made remake of Half-Life, known as Black Mesa without paying a cent. Simply visit Black Mesa's website and grab it.

In case you haven't played it, Half-Life is one of the most influential and successful FPS games of all time and I can vouch for the fact that this remake has been quite impressive so far, from what I've played. The soundtrack is great, the visuals have been upgraded without being totally revamped, and the level design remains the same.

This is free and a true labor of love. Get into Gordon Freeman's shoes again, people.

Killzone HD

Speaking of slick, badass game remakes, Killzone will once again see the light of day as Killzone HD. the original game landed almost a decade ago, back in 2004 (wow, I feel old). This time around the game will have full 720p resolution and will move at a silky smooth 30 fps.

Trophy hunters will find a whole bunch of said achievements. The game will land on the Playstation network on Octoebr 23, the same day the retail Killzone Trilogy will hit. It's only 15 bones, and the retail trilogy will be around 40, so if you haven't played these great games, you'll get a chance soon.

Bayonetta 2, WII-U

If you haven't played Bayonetta, you're not alone. The game hit in 2010, and sales were weak, despite a ton of praise being heaped on it, earning the game several Game of the Year awards. It was a gothic/action style game based on the titular character, Bayonetta- a badass lady who carries around four pistols and uses magic to defeat foes. Hard game, but super stylish and super fun.

It was just announced that Bayonetta 2 is coming, but it's coming to the new Nintendo system, the WiiU as an exclusive title. It's headed for a release date of 2013. This is some great news, as the game had been rumored to be cancelled while Sega was undergoing some "restructuring".

Frictional Development

Frictional Games, developers of Amnesia have recently announced that they've got something cooking. All we know so far is that it too is an FPS and is being approached as "thoughtful and thought-provoking". The co-founder of Frictional games, Thomas Grip has shed some light on what's coming forward, after admitting that some of the horror in Amnesia was stuff the developers "just threw in."

The next one promises "more thought behind everything that will happen", to "take things a step further..to get below the skin of the player", stating this this was the "logical next step to make."

I for one will buy anything that Frictional games puts out there. Amnesia's one of my favorite games of all time. In more good news, Amnesia has sold over 1.3 million copies worldwide. How deserving!

It's been a slice, boys and girls. Thanks for reading.

Source: KotakuIGN



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