The Brothers Grimm becoming a TV show, Ehren Kruger to script

Is this something you've been clamoring for? Well, it's happening regardless.

Miramax announced today that it has hired screenwriter Ehren Kruger to create a new series for television based on The Brothers Grimm. Kruger, whose prolific screenwriting credits include The Ring and the last three films in the Transformers franchise, will build off the origin story introduced in his screenplay for the 2005 feature film The Brothers Grimm starring Matt Damon and Heath Ledger that grossed over $105 million globally.

The new television series will follow the swashbuckling adventures of brothers Wilhelm and Jacob Grimm, who discover startling mythology and supernatural stakes behind the folklore sweeping 19th century Europe.

Kruger commented, "The original stories the Brothers set out to collect were not for the faint of heart and we'll be making a show that gets back to those origins and their cautionary, scary, thrilling spirit."

As making the original film was no fun at all for him, I'm going to guess Terry Gilliam will not be involved. In fact, aside from Kruger and Miramax, I'd be surprised to see any of the original group show up.

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Extra Tidbit: Does a Brothers Grimm TV show sound like a good idea?



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