The Cloth, starring Eric Roberts and Danny Trejo, gets an international trailer

THE CLOTH, starring the powerhouse duo of Danny Trejo and Eric Roberts, first popped up on our radar at the end of January, when we scored the poster and synopsis for the flick. The two headliners, along with that thoroughly derivative poster, made most of us confidant that this will ultimately be, at the very least, an entertaining viewing experience.

Now the international trailer is up, and there's little doubt that this shall amuse and tickle us. Looks like it's ripping off a dozen movies - including PRIEST, THE DESCENT and THE EXORCIST. Shamelessly and cheaply.

The Cloth is a horror action-sci-fi thriller centered on a secret organization formed by the Catholic Church to counteract the rising cases of demonic possessions across the country. With the arrival of the Devil’s General Kasdeya on earth, the members of the Cloth have only seven days to stop the crossover of the ultimate evil into our realm. To stop Beelzebub’s arrival, their mission depends on Jason, a young godless man, to lead the next generation of Cloth members before the Devil and his armies walk the earth.

In addition to Roberts and Trejo, THE CLOTH stars Kyler Willett, Rachel Brooke Smith, John Greer, Steven Brand, Robert Miano, Lassiter Holmes and Asad Far. We'll let you know when it gets a solid release date.

Rachele Brooke Smith

Extra Tidbit: Would you wipe yourself on THE CLOTH?
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