The Collection has two new stills to get your vote

Apparently there was some sort of "election" thing last night or something and that's all anyone's talking about this morning. I don't mean to be buzzkill or anything, but shouldn't we be focusing on the big issues, people? Like, I don't know, maybe how THE COLLECTION will be hitting theaters November 30th? Oh, seems we all forgot about that important fact somehow.

Hey, don't let me spoil your political ranting on Facebook or back-patting on Twitter or whatever. I'll just be over here in my little corner of the internet, posting a pair of stills from THE COLLECTION below. It's fine, a new "President" (if that's what you call them) is more important than an awesome serial killer movie. The Marcus Dunstan directed flick is just a follow-up THE COLLECTOR, one of the better horror films of 2009. It also sports an awesome cast of Josh Stewart (returning from the first film), Lee Tergesen, Johanna Braddy and Navi Rawat as well, but does anyone care? 

The answer is no because this whole "election" thing has blinded you guys. Open your eyes to the truth about our political system-- that it was designed to take much needed attention off of THE COLLECTION, which hits theater November 30th. If you want to make a difference, check out the stills and picks below.

Extra Tidbit: Sorry if I got too political for you guys. I just think the world needed the wake-up call.
Source: Dread Central



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