The completely unnecessary Scary Movie 5 pushed back until 2013

Back in September we learned that the one and only Charlie Sheen would be starring in the upcoming SCARY MOVIE 5. Now that was some pretty cool news... five months ago. Since then Charlie Sheen has supposedly cleaned up his act and he's not so much 'winning' anymore. Tack on the news that SCARY MOVIE 5 is now being pushed back several months and I'd say things aren't looking good for this one...

Though let's be honest. Things haven't looked good for SCARY MOVIE 5 since SCARY MOVIE 3 hit theaters. Previously set to hit theaters on April 20th, Box Office Mojo is now saying the unnecessary film won't be hitting theaters now until January 11, 2013. What better way to welcome in the New Year than with SCARY MOVIE 5? ... Right.

All we know about this one right now is that it will star Sheen, Regina Hall, Kevin Hart and Anthony Anderson. And that's it! Here's hoping they can at least bring back Anna Faris (below). As soon as any other SCARY MOVIE 5 updates roll our way we'll pass them right along to all of you... whether you want them or not.

Extra Tidbit: Would you rather see SCARY MOVIE 5 or that Marlon Wayans found-footage spoof SMART ASS?
Source: BoxOfficeMojo



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