The Dead co-director Howard Ford chomps on supernatural thriller Indelible

Director Howard J. Ford of the critically acclaimed zombie movie THE DEAD, released by Anchor Bay in February 2012, has announced his partnership with Armory Films and Mugshot Films for his new movie INDELIBLE, slated to commence principal photography in September 2012.

Plot details are not making themselves available at the moment, but we know that INDELIBLE is a supernatural thriller. Here's what Mr. Ford had to say about his new baby:

“Indelible will not be just any supernatural thriller in the way some think a film like this will play out. When they get to the end of this movie, audiences will not only have felt tension and fear, but I want it to drive thoughts in a way that will hit hard in the heart and stay there long after the credits roll.”

No word on where Howard's co-director on THE DEAD, brother Jon, stands as far as this goes, but his name is nowhere to be found in the press release announcing this project. Perhaps they're branching out...

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Source: AITH



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