The devil's got your tongue in this trailer and poster for Speak No Evil

SPEAK NO EVIL is a little indie horror joint from Monte Cristo Entertainment who describes the film as a cross between CHILDREN OF THE CORN and THE EXORCIST—so I think we can expect to see plenty of asshole kids possessed by the devil! On tap is the devilish trailer for SPEAK NO EVIL as well as a look at the kickass sales art that will have you biting your tongue. It's a pretty unsettling trailer that manages to get weirder and weirder as it moves along with its creepy visuals and dark, sleazy atmosphere. Dig it below!

Anna, a single mom, receives little help in the search for her missing daughter until people realize that all of the town children have disappeared. When the kids do return they are changed, diseased and violent.

Written and directed by Roze, the film stars Gabrielle Ston, Greg Bronson, Sylvie Cohen, Michael Cortez, Madelynn Eldredge and Annalise Cavender.

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