The Empty Man graphic novel will be filling a movie

The 2014 graphic novel THE EMPTY MAN, from writer Cullen Bunn and illustrator Vanesa R. Del Rey is a creepy, exquisitely designed work from Boom! Studios. It's no surprise that 20th Century Fox has snapped up the property, optioning it for a film to be directed by BYE BYE MAN producer David Prior.

Prior is best known as a director of Special Edition content for Blu-Rays of films by the likes of David Fincher, Peter Weir, the Coen brothers, Michael Bay, Tim Burton, David Cronenberg and Guillermo del Toro. He's rubbed shoulders with so many massive directors, and now is his chance to prove that he's learned something from the experience.

The graphic novel is

a supernatural thriller about a terrifying entity that may be responsible for a string of mysterious disappearances in a small midwestern town.

Although the plot and casting details are currently under wraps, we'll let you know any new info as soon as it drops!

Extra Tidbit: Have you read the EMPTY MAN graphic novels?
Source: Deadline



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