The Exorcist may be headed to Broadway with Brooke Shields and Malcolm McDowell!

We've heard some interesting EXORCIST-related rumors recently, but this is the oddest.. and most intriguing.

According to The New York Post, producers Ben Sprecher and Sonia Friedman and director John Doyle (the Tony-winning 2006 revival of “Sweeney Todd”) will begin performances of THE EXORCIST next month at the Geffen Playhouse in Los Angeles. The paper hears that if things go well there, the producers will ultimately aim to bring Regan and friends to Broadway in the fall.

Lest you worry about this being a goof, word is that Doyle's version of the William Peter Blatty novel is "relatively gimmick-free." He’s evidently aiming for psychological horror rather than grisly special effects.

But what effects there are will come courtesy of Teller - you know, from Penn and Teller! That may sound strange, but if you ponder it, who better than one of the world's best magicians to provide the visual effects for a stage play of this ilk?

Brooke Shields is playing Regan’s mother, Chris, while Richard Chamberlain tackles the role of Father Merrin. However, producers have made the Merrin role available to Malcolm McDowell if it should move to New York.

In terms of the script, it was penned by John Pielmeier (AGNES OF GOD). It's reportedly inspired more by Blatty's book than by William Friedkin's classic film, although the location has apparently been moved from Regan's bedroom to a church, while all of the actors in the play will be providing the voice of the demon at different times and in different styles.

No, I don't quite get it either, but it sounds damned enticing - and I'd certainly rather see something along these lines as opposed to a remake for the big or small screen.

Brooke Shields

Extra Tidbit: Does the stage play of THE EXORCIST sound like a winner to you - or does it make your head spin?
Source: NY Post



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