The Exorcist will haunt Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights

Leatherface isn't the only "fresh" face stalking Halloween Horror Nights this fall. It has just been announced by Universal Studios that THE EXORCIST will arrive in both Hollywood and Orlando locations. The fun begins September 16th and lasts until October 31st.

No details have been provided regarding what can be expected from the maze, but we're going to guess a Pazuzu-possessed Regan McNeil will be there terrorizing the masses. Might we see the swarm of locusts from EXORCIST II: THE HERETIC or the rampaging senior citizens from THE EXORCIST III: LEGION join the fun? My first guess is no, but who knows? The Halloween Horror Nights folks get creative.

Naturally, this isn't the last we'll hear from THE EXORCIST for a while. A new TV series is in production as we speak, and there's nothing any of us can do to stop it. I'll venture a guess the cheap-but-fun jump scares provided by Universal will easily trump anything the TV show is bringing.  

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Source: HHN



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