The Exorcist writer says Durkin-directed TV series is not happening

Last week, we followed Vulture on a story that MARTHA MARCY MAY MARLENE director Sean Durkin was to helm a made-for-TV adaptation of the horror classic THE EXORCIST. Well, according to William Peter Blatty, the author of the original novel and screenplay, the info is "utterly false"! How would he know? Well, for starters, because he still owns the rights to the property. 

What's even more interesting, it looks like there is a different TV series based on THE EXORCIST planned by the original creators - William Friedkin and Blatty himself. As the latter told Bleeding Cool: 

"Friedkin and I have a new miniseries remake script that we hope will one day be picked up."

Whatever you make of the two conflicting stories, one things seems certain - we're probably going to see an EXORCIST TV show at some point. The only question is who will be directing and from whose script.

Extra Tidbit: Which one of these would you be more interested in seeing - Durkin's or Friedkin's?
Source: Bleeding Cool



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