The F*cking Black Sheep: Leviathan (Video)

Leviathan George P. Cosmatos

The latest entry in our The F*cking Black Sheep video series marks another occasion of Black Sheep videomaker Lance Vlcek covering a film that's close to my heart. In this case, the film is director George P. Cosmatos's 1989 ALIEN / THE THING mash-up / rip-off creature feature LEVIATHAN.

LEVIATHAN isn't exactly one of my favorite movies, but it's one that I caught so many times on cable during my childhood that I developed an undying fondness for it. Now nostalgia fuels me to revisit it sporadically.

Written by David Webb Peoples (BLADE RUNNER, UNFORGIVEN, TWELVE MONKEYS) and Jeb Stuart (DIE HARD, LOCK UP, THE FUGITIVE), the film starred Peter Weller, Richard Crenna, Amanda Pays, Daniel Sern, Ernie Hudson, Michael Carmine, Lisa Eilbacher, Hector Elizondo, and Meg Foster. The synopsis: 

On the dark and forbidding ocean floor, the crew of a deep-sea mission rig discovers a sunken freighter that harbors a deadly secret: a genetic experiment gone horribly wrong. With a storm raging on the surface and no hope of rescue, the captain and his team are propelled into a spine-tingling battle for survival against the ultimate foe: a hideous monster that cannot die... and lives to kill! 

In the video embedded below, Lance goes over the good things LEVIATHAN has going for it, while also pointing out a couple of its flaws. Those flaws don't stop it from being an entertaining monster movie, though.

Whether you've seen LEVIATHAN and didn't like it or saw and it enjoyed it like Lance and I do, check out the video and see what Lance had to say about it. If you haven't seen LEVIATHAN before, this video will offer a glimpse of what you've been missing out on... but beware, there are some SPOILERS in the mix.

Extra Tidbit: Have you seen LEVIATHAN?



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