The first three minutes from "The Walking Dead" episode 8 are here - and they're awesome!

If you're dying for "The Walking Dead" to return after its two month hiatus, we've got a minor treat for you to nibble on: The first three minutes from the midseason premiere, "Nebraska". And if you were concerned that the series wouldn't begin on the same intense note that it ended on back in December, worry no more: "Nebraska" opens with a major bite.

Also potentially of interest to you dead-heads is the interview Collider conducted with "Walking Dead" executive producers Glen Mazzara and Robert Kirkman. One main topic is the criticism the show's second season has absorbed thus far; its deliberate (some would say slow) pace was certainly targeted by hordes of fans who wondered if the show was suffering from a sophomore jinx.

Mazzara had this to say in regards to the first half of season two, and what the audience can expect from the second half: "If there were episodes that felt as if they were stalling, or that they weren’t under threat, and that perhaps the farm felt too safe and the threats were outside off the farm, a lot of that changes, in the back part of the season. I think that things pick up. It just becomes more accelerated. The stakes are higher, it’s more action-packed and it’s more interesting. By the end of these six episodes, hopefully those fans will agree that this is a thrill ride because we really do feel there are huge pay-offs, coming up in each episode. You won’t have to wait for just the last episode. Maybe there weren’t pay-offs, along the way."

To read the full interview with Kirkman and Mazzara, head on over HERE. "The Walking Dead" rises from the grave on FEBRUARY 12th.

Extra Tidbit: Are you confidant that "The Walking Dead" will return to its former greatness? Or did you have no problem with the first half of season 2 to begin with..?
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