The first TV spot for The Possession offers same chills as the trailer

Regardless of it's countless push-backs, Ole Bornedal's THE POSSESSION isn't looking half bad. What we've seen from the flick so far has been pretty damn solid and that quality just continues right on today with the release of the flick's first TV spot.

Now granted, this TV spot offers up a lot of the same action we saw in the trailer for THE POSSESSION but hey... it's better than nothing right? Just scroll on down below to check out the goods or tap that shite over in our videos section.

The film will follow Clyde Breneck and his 10-year-old daughter, Em, who purchases an antique box at a yard sale. With the box, Em accidentally releases an ancient spirit that has one goal: to devour her. Clyde must team work with his ex-wife to put an end to the curse.

Starring Kyra Sedgwick, Jeffery Dean Morgan, Agam Darshi (below), Natasha Calis and Madison Davenport, THE POSSESSION lands in theaters on August 31st.

THE POSSESSION (2012) - TV Spot #1

Extra Tidbit: At the start of production THE POSSESSION was known as DIBBUK BOX.



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