The future of The X-Files is unknown, but Chris Carter is optimistic


The X-Files capped its limited 6-episode series return last night with My Struggle II (which sounds like the title of a hip-hop album), and everyone can admit the results of this brief experiment were decidedly mixed. There were some big highs (Mulder and Scully Meet the Were-Monster is the undisputed best of the bunch) and some low lows (the ill-conceived Babylon and even the first My Struggle). But - and I'm just speaking for myself - it was undeniably fun seeing Mulder and Scully brave against the mysteries of the universe once again, and I'd be quite happy if they came back for more.

But will they? That's the big question for The X-Files right now, as Fox mulls over whether or not to give the greenlight to a new season. Not only that, there are the schedules of stars David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson to consider, as both appear to be happy to return... but for limited runs like this past one.  

Showrunner Chris Carter spoke about the future of his brainchild in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, and while he's optimistic about what's in store, even he can't say for sure what'll happen next.

 They're going to ask for more. The ratings were very good. They were happy with the show. I talked to Dana Walden today. She said they'd very much like more, but nothing's being negotiated yet.

It was casual. She said, "No pressure. We'd love to do this. We liked the way it worked out." So there's an appetite for more in the future, it's just a matter of figuring out how to get it done. The last negotiations took about five months, so it could be a while before we figure out how to do this.

As for the series' stars:

I have been speaking with David pretty regularly. I think he's game. I have spoken to Gillian less frequently, but I believe she would be game. So I'm just working around their busy schedules. They both have families. It's another practical matter.

Finally, Carter responded to the notion that another X-Files movie could be in play, in addition to more television episodes:

They're two different animals. And the second movie, we tried to do something more akin to the television show. I think if we had to do another movie, it would have to be another tentpole movie — more in keeping with what we did with the first. I think there are a lot more X-Files to tell, certainly given this cliffhanger, so I think it opens up both the TV and movie parts of the franchise.

The truth is out there, somewhere, and it sounds like it'll be a while before we discover it.


Extra Tidbit: Would you be up for more episodes of The X-Files, or are you done with it?
Source: THR



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