The Grey's Joe Carnahan set to direct "Those Who Kill?" pilot for A&E

Earlier this month we let you know A&E was in the process of turning Danish crime series "Those Who Kill?" into a US TV show. Well, it's pilot time!

As such, Deadline has it that Joe Carnahan (THE GREY, NARC) will be sitting in the cockpit and manning the controls of "Those Who Kill?" Word has it Joe is also exec-producing the pilot, doing so for Imagine TV and Fox 21. Not sure about you, but my interest in the show just quadrupled!

Based on the Elsebeth Egholm novel series: the show revolves around a police detective and a forensic profiler who possess a deep understanding of the serial killers they hunt.

Sounds pretty rough and tumble, with some possible morality issues at play. If it takes one to know one, than the supposed "law" maybe criminal in the end. Could be cool!

Casting comes next...

Jess Biel, of Carnahan's THE A(SS)-TEAM

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Source: Deadline



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