The highest grossing horror film in the UK is now The Woman In Black

Hammer is very likely celebrating right now, their latest release THE WOMAN IN BLACK has been frightening UK audiences for three weeks now and has made enough moolah at their domestic Box Office to become the highest grossing horror films in the UK.

The records for the UK Box Office began 20 years ago, and the figures show that no other horror film has earned this much. The takings for the film added up to £14.6 million, approx $23.2 million US. This means that the film has made more money than other genre efforts such as THE OTHERS, BRAM STOKER’S DRACULA, INTERVIEW WITH A VAMPIRE (these films were shot in the UK, with Hollywood backing) and SHAUN OF THE DEAD (a UK production).

Were audiences out to see this based on the popularity of Harry Potter himself Daniel Radcliffe? Or were they after a classic horror tale? Either way, the film is a success and Hammer is now looking to the future with more films on the way.

The CEO stated that this is ‘an important achievement that affirms the re-birth of Hammer.’ We will certainly be keeping our eyes open for all upcoming Hammer films, but can they match this success?

Extra Tidbit: Jessica Raine (above) was one of the many lovely ladies who appeared in the film.
Source: THR



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