The Human Centipede 3 will star Dieter Laser, Laurence R. Harvey and Tom Six!

My oh my... what madness does Tom Six have up his sleeve this time?

Entertainment Weekly is reporting that casting on THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE PART III (FINAL SEQUENCE) has commenced, with the first three names revealed proving very interesting indeed. Dieter Laser (star of the first HUMAN CENTIPEDE), Laurence R. Harvey (star of THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE II) and Tom Six (director of the HUMAN CENTIPEDE films) will all feature prominently in the flick, which will begin shooting in the U.S. this May. And yes, Mr. Six will be playing himself.

Plot details aren't available, but we can assume that Part III will continue the "meta" angle taken by the sequel (especially considering Six's involvement in front of the camera). According to producer Ilona Six, THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE PART III is targeting a 2013 release and will be “100 percent politically incorrect.”

Can we assume right now that Tom Six will get stitched into a centipede? (I'm sure more than a few people wouldn't hate the idea.)

HUMAN CENTIPEDE 1+2 star Aslynn Yennie

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Source: EW



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