The Last Exorcism director to bring us Elimination

Daniel Stamm, director of THE LAST EXORCISM, is bringing his vision of horror back to the masses. The horror-thriller he's helming for Fox Searchlight has details under lock and key, but we do know that it's titled ELIMINATION. By process of elimination, I'm going to go ahead and assume that it's not an exorcism movie.

The script will be written by Zak Olkewicz, whose IMDb is literally a blank slate. It's nice that Fox is giving a chance to a first-timer, and I'd like to see Stamm's take on a non-found footage movie.

THE LAST EXORCISM had potential, but it was hampered by the first person camera style, which it so clearly struggled to shrug off. And maybe this film will have a chance to be more high profile than his 13 SINS, which was produced by Jason Blum in 2014 but never really saw a big release. More on this story as it breaks!

Daniel Stamm
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Source: Variety



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