The Lost Skeleton Walks Among Us in Larry Blamire's next film!

Good news, comedy/horror fans-- THE LOST SKELETON saga will continue next year with THE LOST SKELETON WALKS AMONG US. Writer/director/star Larry Blamire recently announced he will be teaming up with long-time special effects coordinator and MONSTER MAN reality star Cleve Hall to bring the SKELETON sequel and a proposed Kaiju project to life:

"Anyone who knows me knows that I am an outspoken fan of practical FX, and I am absolutely thrilled to be partnering with champion practical torchbearer and mad genius Cleve Hall [on a pair of projects]... Up first for us will be The Lost Skeleton Walks Among Us, the long awaited latest installment in the ongoing saga of everyone's favorite obnoxious, world-domination-seeking skeleton; and following that will be a kaiju dream project of Cleve's, Gadzooka. We are stoked to say the least!"

Blamire did not confirm whether or not his usual repertoire of SKELETON actors (which includes Faye Masterston, Andrew Parks, and Daniel Roebuck, among others) will be returning, but it's save to assume at least some of them will be along for the ride. The director also added more updates will be coming in January, but until then check out some promo art to get psyched for THE LOST SKELETON WALKS AMONG US.

Extra Tidbit: Fingers crossed Animala (Jennifer Blaire) will return and dance seductively.
Source: Dread Central



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