The Man in the Orange Jacket stalks a new trailer

The Man in the Orange Jacket

One film quietly sneaking up on us is a little Latvian feature by the name of THE MAN IN THE ORANGE JACKET, from director Aik Karapetian. While a release is still unknown, it recently dropped a new trailer, one that lets its brooding atmosphere and screams of terror do all the talking. The film looks haunting and vicious, so hopefully we'll catch wind of a release date soon. Dig it below!

The synopsis:

After a young man is fired from his job at the seaport, he begins to stalk his boss and his beautiful wife. After a blood-chilling turn of events, he attempts to escape his past by moving into the lavish mansion previously owned by his boss. The embittered young man tries to assume a new identity and lead a luxurious life, but nothing can prepare him for an unsettling visit by a vaguely familiar guest. After this unnerving encounter, the house will no longer be a safe haven, becoming instead a twisted and dangerous trap, haunted by menacing spirits.

THE MAN IN THE ORANGE JACKET stars Anta Aizupe, Maxim Lazarev, and Aris Rozentals.

The man in the orange jacket poster
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