The Monster Squad remake is dead, according to Platinum Dunes

You may have forgotten that a remake of Fred Dekker's THE MONSTER SQUAD was in the works not a few years ago. Primed to be remade by those remake-loving folks at Platinum Dunes and director Rob Cohen (THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS), the film was announced in 2010 but never seemed to catch any smooth sailing. (Our last update on it came in 2012.)

So perhaps it's not surprising to learn that the project currently has a stake in its heart.

The news comes straight from Platinum Dunes' Brad Fuller and Andrew Form. In an interview with Collider, the producers have the following sobering quotes regarding the remake. "The Monster Squad, we’re not developing anymore." And: "That's dead."

Most of you are presumably celebrating right now. THE MONSTER SQUAD is one of those beloved pieces of nostalgia from many of our childhoods, one we don't take kindly to being f*cked with. While a quality remake of the flick isn't hard to fathom, it seems like a venture best left alone.

Of course, a remake is never truly dead in Hollywood, so don't be shocked if this one is resurrected at some point down the line.

Extra Tidbit: Are you happy to learn THE MONSTER SQUAD remake is dead?
Source: Collider



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