The Morningside Monster teases with production photo, trailer

It’s been a couple of months since we’ve updated you on THE MORNINGSIDE MONSTER, the latest horror thriller from Blue Dusk Productions and director Chris Ethridge (see our last report HERE). In the past few weeks the team behind the film have released their first official production photo and a teaser trailer, both of which we have for you below.

The Morningside Monster unfolds around the discovery of a brutally murdered corpse in the woods of the otherwise-peaceful small town of Morningside, NJ. Racing against time, Sheriff Tom Haulk and his deputy, Klara Austin, embark on a desperate journey to catch the killer, pitting them against friends, enemies and even each other.

The film stars Nicholas Brendon (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Criminal Minds) and Amber Chaney (The Hunger Games, The Walking Dead), Robert Pralgo (The Vampire Diaries, Revolution), Tiffany Shepis (The Violent Kind, The Frankenstein Syndrome) and Catherine Taber (Star Wars: The Clone Wars).

Ray Lloyd, Matt Kabus, scream queen Tiffany Shepis and Robert Pralgo as the Morningwood, NJ police department.

I'll use ANY excuse to throw up a picture of horror hottie Tiffany Shepis!

Extra Tidbit: Morningwood Monster star Ray Lloyd is best known for his appearances with World Championship Wrestling in the late 1990’s under the ring name Glacier.
Source: Arrow In The Head



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