The most offensive idea ever is now a movie

I was very tempted not to post this bit of news, as it gives the makers of the film I’m about to discuss press that they do not deserve. Yet the concept for this movie is too atrociously insensitive not to report. This sort of idiocy is bound to grab headlines eventually, so ladies and gentlemen, I give you the trailer for TOWERS OF TERROR. It’s an indie zombie film whose pitch can be summed up as “9/11 with zombies.” No, I’m not joking.

To writer/director Matt Gibson I can only ask-- what in the name of all that is good and decent made you think this was a good idea? Eleven years after one of the most heinous events in American history and you decide to do a movie version of it with zombies? For that matter, what sane person would go along with this concept? Did you brainwash a group of people into financing, acting, and producing this callous, completely abhorrent idea of yours? How does something like this get made!?!

I… I just can’t. This is we’ve come to, taking heartbreaking real-life tragedies and redoing them with zombies. Mr. Gibson, if you are reading this, please abandon this awful project and spare yourself the embarrassment of having to defend TOWERS OF TERROR against an angry internet. As for the rest of you, the trailer and poster are below if you can stomach them.

On September 11, 2001, two groups decide to race to the top of each of the World Trade Center buildings. The towers are hit by terrorist attacks, but the terrorists don't die in the plane crash; they resurrect as zombies hell-bent on their mission to destroy America. As these undead jihadists continue on their path of destruction armed with box-cutters and nail-clippers, the Americans must learn to stand united in their patriotism or else face gruesome death in twin 110 story bloodbaths!

Extra Tidbit: That guy on the poster looks a lot like Jason Sudeikis, which makes me want to believe this is some sort of elaborate viral video joke. Oh, how I wish...



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