The Nail Gun Massacre remake poster is the coolest thing you'll see today

Truth be told, I have not seen the 1985 slasher flick THE NAIL GUN MASSACRE. But it's 100% on my to-do list. That said, if the original is even a smidgen as f*cking cool as the upcoming remake's poster, then I know I'm in for a hell of a time at the movies!

The last we heard about the remake was that, well, it was happening. Back in January, we told you guys that the new flick will be a collaboration between Texas Frightmare Weekend founder Loyd Cryer (who will produce the film), writer Darren Bevill (APPETITES) and director Robert Hall (LAID TO REST).

Back then, director Robert Hall had this to say about the remake:

I’ve been really fortunate to have amazing casts in all my films despite the budget and although I can’t reveal anything just yet, Nail Gun will be no different and feature a familiar and stellar cast ... It’s going to be a FUN MOVIE for sure, however, the new screenplay is really smart and we are pulling back on the camp for sure. It’s an update for today’s demanding audience, bringing you WTF superb nail gun kills of course.

"WTF superb nail gun kills"?? Oh, hell the hell yeah. Bring it on, LAID TO REST director. I'm thinking I need to find the original flick tonight and watch it asap!

We'll let you know when we hear more about THE NAIL GUN MASSACRE remake, but for now, you can check out the remake's awesome poster - which comes to us from Dread Central - along with the original 1985 version's poster below!

THE NAIL GUN MASSACRE (1985) synopsis:

Following the brutal rape of a young woman by a gang of construction workers, a mysterious figure wearing a motorcycle helmet and driving a gold hearse begins hunting the perpetrators down. The masked avenger's weapon of choice, obviously, is a nail gun, with which he (or could it be she?) takes out the rapists one by one. Just who is this murderous vigilante?

THE NAIL GUN MASSACRE (remake) is directed by Robert Hall from a script by Darren Bevill.

Extra Tidbit: Have you seen the original THE NAIL GUN MASSACRE?
Source: Dread Central



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