The Pact director Nicholas McCarthy's new film gets a February release

The Pact Nicholas McCarthy

Nicholas McCarthy, director of THE PACT (pictured above), is working on a new horror project, and we've been tracking its progress for the last few months, reporting the news as Orange Is the New Black's Taylor Schilling, IT's Jackson Robert Scott, and JIGSAW's Brittany Allen signed on to star in the film. At the time of those previous reports, the film was going by the title DESCENDANT, but it has now undergone a title change... and been given a release date.

Orion Pictures will be releasing the film now known as THE PRODIGY into theatres on February 8, 2019.

Written by THE MIDNIGHT MEAT TRAIN's Jeff Buhler, THE PRODIGY follows 

a young mother who, concerned about her 8-year-old son's disturbing behavior, thinks something supernatural may be affecting him. 

Also in the cast are Peter Mooney and Colm Feore. The film was produced by Tripp Vinson, with Buhler, Nick Spicer, Lisa Zambri, and Daniel Bekerman executive producing.

As a fan of Orange Is the New Black, my main interest in THE PRODIGY is getting the chance to see Schilling take the lead in a supernatural horror movie. We'll get to see that in a little over seven months.

Extra Tidbit: How does THE PRODIGY sound to you?



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