The Pastor brothers sell new sci-fi script Selfless to EndGame & Film District

So how'd you feel about the brothers Pastor flick CARRIERS? Good enough to want to follow their follow up?

Well here it is. Alex and David Pastor have sold their new sci-fi thriller script SELFLESS to EndGame and Film District, with the probability of jointly directing the high concept thriller. The producing team behind Rian Johnson's LOOPER and THE BROTHERS BLOOM - Endgame Entertainment CEO James D. Stern and FilmDistrict's Peter Schlessel - are doing the same here with SELFLESS.

SELFLESS centers on a wealthy older man who discovers he's dying and pays to have his mind transplanted into a younger man's body. When he discovers how his new body was acquired, he defies the company who provided it and is hunted by armed mercenaries.

Armed mercenaries hunting down a rich guy in the body of a youngster? Not a bad setup, right? Seems like all these big sci-fi flicks are little more than giant chase scenarios, but we'll see if SELFLESS can standout.

CARRIERS star Piper Perabo!

Extra Tidbit: The Pastor bros are currently in pre-production on a Spanish adventure film called THE LAST DAYS.
Source: Variety



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