Predator has been cast in Shane Black's The Predator

When Shane Black first became attached to THE PREDATOR I almost died from fanboy ecstasy. Then came word Black would be joined by Fred Dekker to write script and I thought I was living in a fantasy world of awesomeness. Then came news of The Punisher would whoop some Predator ass with Tom Jane joining the party. The news is really too much sometimes.

I laid low and waited/hoped for news that Arnold and/or Danny Glover would be back as well. Then there was news where THE PREDATOR star Boyd Holbrook confirmed the Arnold cameo is slim.

That sucks.

However he also said that Shane Black's take on THE PREDATOR was "real fresh" and would be a mixture of "horror, science-fiction, and a western." Damn that sounds fuc*ing cool!

Here is Holbrook's quote (again):

“I’m currently working on Predator. It’s not a sequel; Shane Black has made something totally new, somehow keeping within the realm of Predator [while also being] absolutely new in terms of the story that we’re talking about today, and rooted in something real. It’s real fresh. I don’t think you’re going to see [Arnold] Schwarzenegger. It would kind of make it a gimmick. It’s horror, science-fiction and a western.”

Yes it sucks that Arnold (might) not be back to call The Predator "one ugly motherfu*ker", but we can still look forward to THE PREDATOR being a mixture of the horror, sci-fi, and western genres. And that sounds like a hybrid-blast to me!

Add to all that, IMDb just added 6’9″ tall stuntman Kyle Strauts (CABIN IN THE WOODS) to the cast of THE PREDATOR as... "The Predator." Sweet! Now we know how is going to be under the make-up and giving all the below-mentioned cast a run through the jungle (or where ever this one takes place). 

All-in-all this has been a very cool week for THE PREDATOR news. Let's keep it up, guys!

THE PREDATOR stars Sterling K. Brown, Olivia Munn, Trevante Rhodes, Keegan-Michael Key, Thomas Jane and Jacob Tremblay. And is set to debut on February 9, 2018.

Extra Tidbit: More than likely Xenomorphs will NOT be in THE PREDATOR. I just like the art.



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